SGS Earns Additional PFAS Accreditation Assuring High-Quality Data

Three SGS laboratories, with a fourth one coming very soon, have earned accreditation from the Department of Defense (DoD) for PFAS analysis by QSM 5.1 Table B-15 which uses isotope dilution (ID) techniques.

DOD QSM 5.1 Table B-15 accreditation means SGS laboratories have the highest level of data quality to assure PFAS analysis is precise and accurate. SGS is accredited for non-potable water and soil matrices by QSM 5.1 Table B-15. SGS is DoD certified for drinking water by EPA 537.1.

In addition to routine PFAS analytes, SGS performs analysis for Gen X using Method 537M. Along with the surge in PFAS, around the U.S., Gen X has become a major issue. An alternative to a perfluorooctanoic acid synthesis of PTFE (Teflon), Gen X is used in producing household products including non-stick pans, firefighting foam, and common outdoor fabrics like Gore-Tex. Gen X is known to be toxic, doesn’t break down in the environment and can contaminate water away from the contamination source.
Multiple SGS labs across the globe are accredited for PFAS, including SGS AXYS (which also handles TOP assay). SGS offers the capacity, turnaround time and quality to provide services needed for PFAS and Gen X analysis.

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