Let SGS Help You Get Your EHS Analysis Done Right Throughout Florida!

Aaron Ben David and the Entire SGS Team Offer the Expertise to Provide the Best EHS Analysis Solutions throughout Florida

Aaron Ben David recently joined SGS as Senior Account Executive. He will offer SGS’s full range of Environmental, Health & Safety analytical services to clients and potential clients throughout Florida.

Aaron has worked in the environmental field 20 years, successfully both overseeing laboratory activities and helping clients meet their goals in field management. He previously worked for several companies including Accutest Laboratories, which now operates under the SGS name. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine.

We’re thrilled to have Aaron representing SGS throughout Florida. He has the knowledge, experience and attitude to get you the EHS analytical solutions you need.

This is an exciting time for SGS in Florida because we have made many changes in order to provide all the analytical services EHS professionals need and the superior service you deserve. SGS offers:

  • A full-service, 22,500 square foot, environmental laboratory in Orlando with NELAP certifications for volatiles, semi-volatiles, metals, wet chemistry, PFAS/PFOA, dissolved gases, explosives, VTO3 and much more.
  • A comprehensive SGS Miami Service Center providing kit delivery, sample pick up, sample kit preparation and delivery of routine and emergency bottle orders, full courier service and sample drop-off, and check-in by the SGS team throughout Broward, West Palm, and Miami-Dade Counties.
  • First commercial environmental laboratory in Florida with a specialty air permit and solvent recovery systems to reduce solvent vapors emitted to the atmosphere (Permit #0951376-002-AC).
  • Reduced volume field sampling containers including FLPRO, PAHs, Herbicides, Pesticides, PCBs, OPPs, and DRO.
  • ADaPT full data exports for time and money savings.

For all your EHS analysis needs in Florida, you are in great hands with Aaron Ben David and the entire SGS team. Contact Aaron today at +1 407 276 7081or Aaron.bendavid@sgs.com. For more information or to order, please connect immediately with an SGS professional at + 800 329 0204 or email EHS.OrlandoCS@sgs.com.

Thank you!

Caitlin Brice, M.S.
Environment, Health, and Safety
General Manager – Orlando