PFAS Update IX: Additional States Identify PFAS Contamination With Continued Uproar For Action

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Around the US
PFAS Sleuths Seek ‘Forever Chemical’ Fingerprints 

It’s Time to Designate PFAS a “Hazardous Substance”It’s Time To Designate PFAS a “Hazardous Substance”

The U.S. House of Representatives Passes Major PFAS Cleanup Legislation

Chemical Spill in Farmington River a “Sucker Punch” to People Living Along Its Banks

USAF, Dover AFB Find Excessive PFAS Chemicals in 4 Wells Near Base

Maine Plans to Search Out Firefighting Foam Containing “forever chemicals”

Michigan May Get Toughest PFAS Rules

Grayling Homeowners Cope with Water Contamination 

New Hampshire
N.H Approves Unprecedented Limits for PFAS Chemicals in Drinking Water

New York
State Proposes New Drinking Water Standards for 3 Chemicals

Residents with PFAS-Contaminated Private Well Water in Limbo as DEP Investigates Cause

Our View: Officials, Lawmakers Need to Get in Front of PFAS Issue