Don’t Pay Extra or Wait Longer for Your Herbicide Analysis

SGS has the Solution to Cost and TAT Increases for Herbicide Analysis

SGS has the Solution to Cost and TAT Increases for Herbicides Analysis

When SGS, your one-stop for the full realm of environmental analysis, recently encountered an issue we knew would negatively affect our clients requiring water and soil analysis to determine herbicide levels, we went straight to work devising a solution.


You may have noticed recently that your cost and turnaround time to analyze herbicides by EPA Method 8151 has increased. The reason for this is a nationwide shortage of Diazald, which derivatizes the chlorinated herbicides from carboxylic acids to methyl esters so they can more easily be detected on a gas chromatograph. 


Some laboratories have had to source Diazald overseas resulting in high analysis costs and delayed turnaround times, and others have just stopped doing the analysis altogether. At SGS, our scientists put their heads together and developed an approved, alternate method for esterifying herbicides and can provide you herbicide data at normal cost and TAT. You’re assured of meeting your company or clients’ needs on time and without affecting their budgets.

If you have an upcoming project or would just like to learn more about the existing problem and the SGS solution, your account manager is looking forward to hearing from you; and you can always connect with SGS immediately at +1 407 425 6700 or

As always, we look forward to partnering with you.