PFAS Update XI: Cosmetics, Groceries, Bottled Water, Cows, Venison Targeted as PFAS- Contaminated

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Around the US
SGS Presents!  Hot Topic and High Temperatures Made the PFAS Meeting a Sizzling Success

PFAS: Emerging Contaminant, Evolving Concerns for Dairy

Grocer Ahold Delhaize to Restrict Toxic Chemicals in Food Packaging and Beauty Products  

Consumer Reports: Should We Break Our Bottled Water Habit?

Drinking Water Serving 7.5 Million Californians has been Contaminated with Toxic PFAS, New Report Says

Do Not Eat’ Order For Deer Continues In Area Of Northern Michigan Due To PFAS

New Jersey
Rutgers to Study Health Effects of PFAS Contamination in Gloucester County

An Investigation of Navy Documents Raised Questions About Chemical Exposures. Here’s What the Navy Said in Response.

Firefighting Foam Found to Have Seeped into Basement of Home In Northeast Wisconsin

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