Heating season is starting soon, start planning and get your canisters now!

With more funding available and stricter regulations, we know there will be a higher demand for canisters this Heating Season between October and March. We are here to help you plan ahead by offering a guaranteed canister if you sample in October or January. The following benefits will also be available to you:

  • Rapid deployment of sampling equipment. We can rapidly deploy canisters. Our Dayton, New Jersey lab has hundreds of canisters and flow controllers dedicated to the heating season already in-stock to provide you with the fastest response possible. Our courier team will deliver and pick-up orders as requested OR you can pick up and drop off canisters from our Dayton, NJ location.
  • Complimentary canisters and flow controllers. To ensure that you are able to complete projects on time and on budget, we will provide 1 complimentary canister and flow controller for every 10 ordered on large projects. This includes projects over 30 canisters and multiple task orders that total over 30 canisters. This provides security for your project ensuring sampling is completed on time and eliminates scheduling additional mobilizations for field complications.
  • Phone and online canister ordering. We understand you need to respond quickly to task orders and would like to provide you with a streamlined way to submit your responses. By calling your local account manager or clicking here, you will be able to fill out an online form and receive a fast response. We can rapidly deploy sampling equipment so you can begin your sampling.

Complimentary Canister and Flow Controller Program

In Support of Heating Season TO-15 Sampling

For consultants sampling during heating season, your project will be safeguarded with the new Complimentary Canister and Flow Controller Program. This new service will help ensure on-time project completion.

Coordination and deployment of a large number of canisters can be tricky. If a canister bleeds out due to an improper connection, or a piece of equipment is damaged onsite, additional sampling days or extra mobilizations may be necessary. With assurance of extra equipment, you can have peace of mind that your project will not be derailed by these issues.

For projects of 30 canister rentals or more, SGS will provide an extra canister and flow controller for every 10 ordered. For example, if 56 canisters and flow controller are rented, an extra 6 will be sent and ready to sample in case of issues encountered in the field.

Terms and Conditions:
Extra canisters and flow controllers that are returned unused will not be billed. If used for sample collection or returned at a significantly lower vacuum, project and/or company rates will apply for analysis and cleaning.

Ask about our remote sample capabilities with SmartSense!

We look forward to partnering with you during heating season!