Introducing our newest PFAS laboratory, Dayton NJ!

As SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification company, we’re always evolving and integrating global sustainable analytical solutions locally. Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are moving quickly from emerging contaminants to regulated contaminants with the federal government and multiple state governments including the state of NJ adding water and soil PFAS monitoring guidelines and regulations.

To meet your ever expanding PFAS needs and bridge gaps between global and local markets, especially in the Northeast, our Dayton NJ lab is currently offering Method 8327, PFAS by isotope-dilution direct injection LC-MS/MS.

What is EPA 8327?

EPA 8327 is a screening level method for the analysis of 24 PFAS by direct injection LC-MS/MS. The method provides a framework for the screening of PFAS and can be expanded to other PFAS upon further validation.

When would you use 8327?

  • You need to quickly delineate hotspots to inform your more detailed monitoring plan
  • You are looking for screening data to inform your site characterization/remediation
  • You need quick answers on the effectiveness of your remediation technology prior to confirmation by more comprehensive methods

With reporting limits starting at 10 ng/L, our Dayton lab experts can help you with quick screening answers using Method 8327 modified PFAS Screening in 3-5 days. Paired with our fully accredited 1633, 537.1 and 533 capabilities across North America, we offer you screening, and definitive PFAS data for all your projects.

Method 8327 is not the right fit for all PFAS projects, so please reach out to one of PFAS experts to learn more and find the right PFAS solution for you.

This is just the beginning for the Dayton laboratory as we open our doors to PFAS. With multiple LC-MS/MS instruments already in place and more to come in 2023, we are working hard to offer the full range of accredited PFAS methods including EPA 1633 Draft, EPA 537.1 and EPA 533 in the first half of 2023. Our lab in Dayton is the focus of a multi-million-dollar modernization investment in 2022 to improve throughput and technical capabilities to meet our clients’ needs for faster access to high-quality data.

We invite you explore our global ecosystem of PFAS services right here in the Northeast. We look forward to seeing you in Dayton!