Elevating Industry Standards with New PFAS Book Release

Elevating Industry Standards: SGS Experts Contribute to essential book on PFAS Management 

We are thrilled to announce a significant step in our commitment to industry leadership and innovation. In collaboration with the Water Environment Federation (WEF), two esteemed SGS experts, Bharat Chandramouli and Julia Roth, have written a comprehensive chapter in the upcoming book titled “PFAS in the Water and Wastewater Sectors: Fundamentals, Management, and Treatment – WEF Community.”

Their contribution, Chapter 7 – “Sampling and Analysis Challenges,” delves into essential best practices for PFAS sampling and analysis in water, wastewater, and soil. This much-needed book brings together experienced experts from the environmental practice to contribute to a valuable reference book.  

We take pride in our continuous pursuit of evolving an ever-changing industry. As the water and wastewater sectors navigate the complex landscape of PFAS management, our experts remain at the forefront, shaping industry standards and driving innovation. We are dedicated to furthering the state of science and using the best available techniques to support our clients and their projects. 

In Chapter 7, Bharat and Julia discuss sampling and analysis for PFAS, including best practices by sample matrix type, tips to avoid contamination, EPA methods to use, and more.  This provides insights to empower professionals to overcome sampling and analysis challenges. By ensuring the highest standards in PFAS testing, we play a pivotal role in safeguarding water resources and environmental well-being. 

“PFAS sampling and analysis best practices are crucial to ensuring data quality on the critical issue of PFAS measurement, and we’re happy to summarize our experience in this chapter,” said Bharat Chandramouli. 

Released today, we’re eagerly anticipating the impact of this comprehensive resource and you can order the book here 

Together, let’s continue making strides towards a more sustainable future through our commitment to cutting-edge research and best practices.