Quick PFAS Methods vs. EPA 1633: What’s Right for Your Site? 

As the demand for PFAS measurement continues to grow with labs still trying to meet capacity needs, we understand that time is of the essence from sampling to result. In an ideal scenario, obtaining definitive data at the lowest reporting limits would be as simple as pointing a tricorder.  While the lab community is working towards that goal, there are currently choices to be made between quick PFAS methods and EPA 1633. 

EPA 1633 is the definitive reference method for PFAS in all environmental matrices. Quick PFAS methods, such as EPA 8327, ASTM D8421 for aqueous samples, and ASTM D7968 for solid samples, may offer a rapid turnaround time of 1-2 days, compared to our fastest in the market 1633 3-day TAT for select projects. However, it’s essential to understand the trade-offs. These methods are quantitative, featuring multi-point calibration and available isotope dilution, ensuring precision and accuracy. Yet, due to their quick or no extraction/concentration protocols, their reporting limits are 10 times higher than EPA 1633 for aqueous samples and may be 50 times higher for soil samples. Additionally, some samples may be susceptible to matrix interferences. 

At SGS, we support your choices by offering capabilities across all these methods and provide guidance on their applications, ensuring you select the approach best suited to your unique projects. Additionally, with our increased PFAS capacity, we’re pleased to offer a 3-day TAT for EPA 1633 in certain cases, so you can get definitive data faster, best of both worlds! 

Ultimately, our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions for all your analysis needs. Whether you opt for the rapid turnaround of quick PFAS methods or the comprehensive analysis of EPA 1633, you can rely on SGS for expertise, quality, and efficiency. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you’d like to discuss the best approach for your specific requirements.  

To find out how we can best help you with your PFAS analysis, call +1 800 329 0204 or email PFAS.Expert@sgs.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.