SGS Accutest Celebrates Helping Clients for 60 Years!

SGS Accutest, one of the nation’s largest environmental testing laboratories, has reached a milestone in its history, celebrating 60 years of successfully delivering defensible data to its clients. As one of the largest full-service environmental testing companies in the U.S., SGS Accutest remains consistent in its commitment to provide the most stringent quality standards in […]

Dr. Harry Behzadi Joins the SGS Global Environment, Health & Safety Team

SGS Accutest is pleased to announce that Dr. Harry Behzadi, Ph.D. has joined the SGS Global Environment Health & Safety (EHS) team as VP Business Development North America on November 7, 2016. In his new position, Dr. Behzadi will work strategically with the EHS US and Canadian management teams to develop and implement programs designed […]

SGS Acquires AXYS Analytical Services Ltd., Canada

SGS Is Pleased To Announce The Acquisition Of AXYS Analytical Services Ltd. (AXYS), Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. AXYS is the North American leader in ultra trace analysis of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), Contaminants of Emerging Concerns (CECs) and the early development stages of the fast growing metabolomics business. AXYS holds multiple analysis and matrix accreditations […]

Expanding Accreditation In Support Of Louisiana Flood

As Louisiana is faced with the worst natural disaster to strike the U.S. since Hurricane Sandy, you need time-tested and highly committed assistance. Be assured that the testing required to protect your clients’ health and the environment is done quickly and accurately.  SGS Galson and SGS Accutest are mobilized and ready to meet your analytical […]

SGS Accutest Is Your Go-To Laboratory For PFOA/ PFOS Analysis

You are most likely well aware of the increasing interest and concern about PFCs on the West Coast, so we want you to also know that SGS Accutest is your go-to laboratory for all PFOA/PFOS analysis. THE CHALLENGE Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), also known as per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFASs), are classified as emerging environmental […]

It’s Your Gain With The SGS Accutest Syracuse Service Center Relocation

The SGS Accutest Service Center has moved to 6601 Kirkville Road, East Syracuse, NY, 13057, co-locating with the SGS Galson laboratory so you now have a one-stop service location for your environmental and industrial hygiene testing needs. TheSGSAccutest Syracuse Service Center, open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., offers: Kit delivery and sample pick up after […]

SGS Accutest Provides U.S. DoD Accreditation And Expanded PFC Capabilities

SGS Accutest, always ready to help with your environmental  testing needs, now offers even more as part of the SGS worldwide network of analytical services. Your U.S. DoD site efforts are now supported with even a wider range of accredited services as the SGS Ultratrace Lab in Wilmington, NC has earned Department of Defense Environmental […]

SGS Acquires The Assets Of Accutest Laboratories, USA

SGS is pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets and operations of Accutest Laboratories, the fifth largest full service environmental testing company in the United States. In combination with SGS’s existing operations, this creates one of the leading environmental testing laboratory businesses in the United States, the largest market in the world for environmental, […]

Selecting an Environmental Testing Lab

“The most productive way to choose a qualified lab after a thorough review of certification and technical capabilities is to visit the lab, verify capabilities and meet key lab management personnel,” says Karl Schoene, Ph.D., president and CEO of Accutest. FOUNDED IN 1956, ACCUTEST IS A full-service, national environmental testing laboratory network (headquartered in Dayton, […]