Audits and Proficiency Testing

SGS participates in national proficiency test programs to maintain the accreditations required by the NELAP states and those required by non-NELAP states and governing bodies. SGS reports results for over 10,000 proficiency test parameters under the following programs:

  • Water Pollution Study (NELAP fields of testing);
  • Water Supply Study (NELAP fields of testing);
  • RCRA Water PT Samples;
  • RCRA Soil PT Samples;
  • Air Toxics;
  • Clean Air Act Emissions PT Samples

SGS also participates in numerous single and double-blind proficiency test programs sponsored by national corporate clients, utilizing independent third party consulting firms.

Audits are an essential component of SGS’s Quality Assurance Program. SGS conducts extensive internal audits of every aspect of the analytical system annually. This includes an assessment of numerous analytical methods and an assessment of the laboratory quality system. Audit findings are the basis of corrective actions that continually elevate the company’s performance.

Audits are also conducted by state accrediting bodies for initial and continued accreditation. Findings from these audits are also used to improve process performance.

SGS continuously monitors key indicators to measure operational efficiency which is essential to project execution. The indicators used to evaluate performance include analytical report turn-around-time, reissued reports, holding times and rejected data.

Statistical evaluations are used to measure and refine overall performance, promoting continuous improvement.