Putting data from the laboratory directly into the hands of our clients

SGSEngage is an exciting application to provide you with a convenient way to manage your projects and access your data anytime, anywhere!

With preliminary access to data, notifications for your most important projects, and data that comes to life in visual charts, SGSEngage has it all. This is just one of the many ways we’re evolving to connect our clients with the tools that help them deliver on critical projects.


One lab, one network, one app.

Features that provide access, convenience and insights to trends include:

  • Access results
    View your data instantly and conveniently, without searching through reports and documents. Sort, filter, and organize results to suit your needs.
  • Download reports
    Access all documents and reports in one convenient location. Easily find, organize, and batch download multiple reports.
  • Export to Excel
    Choose from crosstab and table views, or customize your own view format, then export your data into excel with a single click.
  • Create charts
    One-click chart generation inside a project – see analytes and regulation limits, then save the chart for your convenience.
  • Visualize data trends
    Build and download custom bar and line charts to show trends in complex data over multiple timelines, projects, or analytes.
  • Access preliminary data
    See individual analyte results a soon as they are available – before the entire project is completed. Contact your SGS Project Manager to enable preliminary data.
  • Advanced project notifications
    Create flexible email notifications for project results, documents, or regulation exceedances – for any project or analysis.
  • And more
    Contact your SGS Project Manager for a demo!

How to Access SGSEngage

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