As a standard part of our analytical data services, SGS offers LabLink®, a complete online data service with power and ease of use that is unprecedented in our industry.

From the minute your samples are received at SGS, LabLink® gives you up-to-the-minute access to job information right from your desktop or laptop PC

SGS’s LabLink® service will save you time, effort and money. We have made a long-term commitment to provide the most comprehensive online service in the industry.

Consider the features that are already available in LabLink® today:

  • Summary tables compare project results to multiple regulatory limits in real time. The Tables include highlights for hits and exceedances.
  • Complete Status Information
    From the minute your samples are received at SGS, you have complete access to job, sample and test information. In addition, status information is available in real time, allowing you to follow the progress of your samples.
  • Online Chain-of-Custody Documents
    As part of sample login, chain-of-custody documents are scanned into PDF files that are available online to LabLink users with a single click.
  • Immediate Access to Test Results
    LabLink® provides complete access to test results the minute they are approved by the laboratory (no more waiting for verbal results or faxes). LabLink’s data query provides powerful options (such as “hits-only”) to get the answers you need as quickly as possible. To verify results, QC data is also available.
  • Historical Data Query
    With LabLink, it is just as easy to view historical data. To look for trends, powerful query options and sort criteria can be specified and executed in seconds.
  • Online Reports
    LabLink even allows you to request and upload result reports that are identical to our hard-copy reports. These reports may then be printed locally from your PC, saving time and money over lengthy faxes. Finished data may be generated in e-Hardcopy format complete with signed cover page and chain of custody. Reports can even include comprehensive QC summary reports.
  • Billing Information
    LabLink® even allows access to preliminary billing information. This allows you to check quote prices before you have an invoice in your hands. In addition, historical billing information is maintained, allowing up-to-the-minute project financial summaries. Final invoices may even be downloaded on demand in PDF format.
  • Auto-Email Notification/Reports
    LabLink allows the user to enable Auto-Email on projects of interest, so that an Email notification or even an Email report will be sent automatically on completion of a job.
  • Electronic Deliverables on Demand (EDDs) –
    Electronic data deliverables (EDDs) may be produced on demand in LabLink®. This capability is unprecedented in the industry.

What’s more, many of the default features in LabLinkSM are user-configurable. This allows you to fine tune LabLink® to get you to the information of interest even faster.

How to Get Online

LabLink Login >

Getting started with LabLink couldn’t be easier. All you need is access to the internet. We will set you up with a LabLink account and you’ll be online. Your LabLink account is secured by passwords that you provide.

Best of all, access to LabLink is provided at no additional charge simply for doing business with SGS.

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