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PFAS analysis, in all environmental matrices, is surging in North America and around the globe. You need a laboratory with the expertise and the instrumentation in place to get your testing done with quality and in a timely manner. The SGS network of laboratories, including SGS AXYS, is your technical resource for ALL your PFAS analysis.

In one phone call, you’ll find we cover all your possible matrices. SGS has a proven track-record in supporting analytical projects for federal, state, regional and municipal environmental and health agencies including DoD, U.S. Air Force and Navy, andour industrial clients, for PFAS analysis (also known as PFCs) of various matrices (as identified below) by EPA 537 and EPA 537 modified.

Multiple SGS labs across the globe are accredited for PFAS including SGS EHS USA- Orlando, the SGS ultratrace lab in Wilmington, NC and SGS AXYS, which means we provide a significant share of testing capacity in North America. These SGS laboratories are both state and DoD certified to perform the following analyses, and they deliver the highest quality data on time at a competitive price:

  • drinking water
  • ground water
  • soils
  • sediments
  • tissue
  • blood
  • air
  • dispersion agents

Serum analysis is accredited by ISO 17025 by CALA.

You will never have to worry about whether your PFAS analytical provider is accredited in your state, because you get a lab network accredited in more states than any other company and that list continues to grow.SGS is NELAC accredited in NY, FL, AZ, KS, LA, NV, NH, NJ, OR, PA, and UT with NELAC/ISO 17025 accreditation applicable in 30 additional states. See this chart for a complete list of NELAC accreditations.

With a substantial North American capacity and three laboratories backing each other up, we are certified to perform the following analyses and deliver the highest quality data on time at a competitive price:

  • Our Orlando, FL laboratory currently analyzes various PFAS in drinking water, ground water, and soil/sediments by LC/MS/MS.
  • Our Wilmington, NC laboratory analyzes PFAS in drinking water and ground water by LC/MS/MS.
  • Our SGS AXYS laboratory in British Columbia, Canada analyzes PFAS compounds in almost any matrix, and is in the forefront of method development and specialty analysis pertaining to these compounds.


Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS), also known as perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), are classified as emerging environmental contaminants based on increasing regulatory interest, potential risk to human health and the environment, and evolving regulatory standards. PFAS, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), are a class of fluorinated chemicals used in many industrial and consumer products, often for their surface active properties, such as in cookware, textiles, firefighting foams, metal plating, semi-conductors, paper and packaging, coating additives, cleaning products and pesticides. They are persistent in the environment and some are bioaccumulative.


Look to SGS for the expertise and capacity to perform PFAS analysis and produce timely and high quality data throughout North America and around the globe. The laboratories have extensive experience analyzing these compounds for a variety of public and government clients.


  • You now have available the SGS PFAS User Guide, which will guide you through the process leading to drilling and/or analysis – download here.
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  • Additional questions on PFAS analysis? Get all the details in this helpful FAQ.

Find complete information on SGS PFAS services, including a current list of reportable analytes, here.

Our SGS North American Drilling division is a certified PFAS-free operation with an experienced field staff, state-of-the-art drilling equipment, and quality standards to handle the unique challenges encountered when testing for PFAS. For more information on PFAS-free drilling, go here.

At SGS, we want to be there for you at every turn. For more information, or to order, please e-mail, request a quote online, or visit the SGS EHS USA website to chat in real time on your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone. And with our new EHSLive Text feature, you can immediately connect by text at 800-329-0204. (EHSLive and EHSLive Text are available 8am-8pm, M-F Easter Time)