New Expanded Rush Capacity with Multi-Million Investment in Advanced Instrumentation.

Our global network of environmental services is growing at our SGS Laboratory in New Jersey. This laboratory has undergone a multi-million-dollar modernization effort focused on people, process and technology, showcasing our commitment to meeting your testing needs promptly and effectively.

Maximized Throughput for VOC, Semi-Volatiles & Wet Chemistry

In our volatile organics lab, we standardized industry-leading technology focused on maximizing throughput and reducing downtime.

We transformed our analytical process in semi-volatiles, optimizing run times, and implemented unique ways to process samples, including reduced volume extraction and large volume injection.

Wet Chemistry improvements by automating processes to make our business more sustainable for future growth.

Sustainability improvements with fewer consumables and less hazardous waste.

New Local PFAS Capabilities

Immersed in PFAS for over 20 years, our global network of scientists and services, equipped with analytical and application expertise, are now available locally in New Jersey. Our expanded scope caters to your unique PFAS projects with rush samples returned in 2-3 days. 

EPA Method 1633
EPA Method 533
EPA Screening Method 8327
ASTM Method 7968


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