Vapor Intrusion Characterization and Monitoring

Deliniate And Monitor Your Site With State-Of-The Art Intrusion Characterization And Monitoring Services

Multiple lines of evidence are often necessary to properly interpret results and make site decisions. SGS provides you the tools and analytical capabilities needed. Our direct-read instruments, sampling equipment, and analytical capabilities will help you with every step from site characterization to site closeout.

WHY CHOOSE SGS Vapor Intrusion Services?

State-of-the-Art Delineation and Characterization Tools:

    • SmartSense – Remote monitoring of total VOC concentration and sample collection with remote flow and vacuum monitoring to ensure that your sample was collected without leaks or other issues
    • Passive Monitoring Badge – Qualitatively and cost-effectively delineates and characterizes your building; may reduce the amount of quantitative sampling

Vapor Intrusion Sampling Supported at SGS:

    • Indoor Air
    • Outdoor/Ambient Air
    • Soil Vapor
    • Sewer Vapor
    • VIMS Exhaust

Analytical Capabilities:

    • TO-3
    • TO-4
    • TO-9
    • TO-13
    • TO-15
    • TO-17
    • MA APH
    • RSK 175
    • Specialty Metals Analysis

Equipment Rentals and Sample Containers:

    • SUMMA canisters (6L, 1L, and 400-450 cc [~0.5L]) and quick connect or manual flow controllers
    • Tedlar bags
    • Thermal Desorption (TD) tubes
    • XAD/PUF Samplers
    • State-of-the-art delineation and characterization tools

SGS has an unrivaled combination of vapor intrusion delineation tools, sampling equipment, and analytical capabilities to get you from site characterization to site closure. Our vapor intrusion specialists are ready to help you develop a site-specific and cost-effective sampling plan.

Our team is here to ensure that your project objectives and regulatory targets are met.

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