Vapor Intrusion Characterization and Monitoring from SGS

Fully characterize and monitor your site with the help of our state-of-the-art delineation tools and regulatory compliant analytical capabilities

Potentially toxic and carcinogenic vapors can accumulate in indoor air in buildings near or on top of a contaminated site. These substances, which can include chlorinated volatile organic compounds [CVOCs], petroleum products and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons [PAHs], pose risks to human health through inhalation. Vapor intrusion monitoring and characterization is essential for preventing such health risks and ensuring compliance with regulations. 

Why choose vapor intrusion characterization and monitoring from SGS? 

Testing for vapor intrusion is complicated by temporal and spatial variability. This means that a multiple lines of evidence (MLE) approach is needed to properly interpret results and make decisions. 

Our direct read instruments, variety of sampling equipment and analytical capabilities will help you to complete an MLE investigation from site characterization to site closeout. 

Delineation Tools 

    • Passive assay badges 
    • SmartSense 
    • AIHR Shark 
    • Field meters (MiniRae, MultiRae, Multi-gas meter) 

Sample Analysis (by media): 

    •  Indoor air 
    •  Outdoor/ambient air 
    •  Soil vapor 
    •  Sewer vapor 
    •  VIMS exhaust

Indicators, Tracers, and Surrogates (ITS) Tools: 

    • ·Helium detector 
    •  Continuous monitoring sensors:
      • Temperature
      • Pressure
      • Humidity
      • Total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 

Sample Analysis (by method): 

    •  TO-03 
    •  TO-04 
    •  TO-13 
    •  TO-15 
    •  TO-17
    •  ASTM 1946 
    •  Specialty metals

Equipment Rentals: 

    •  Sampling canisters 
    •  Flow controllers 
    •  TEDLAR bags 
    •  Digital pressure gauges 
    •  Soil gas sampling manifolds 
    •  Air sampling pump rentals 
    •  Field meters 
    •  Passive assay badges 
    •  SmartSense 
    •  AIHR Shark 


Vapor intrusion services from a leading provider of testing and monitoring solutions 

We offer an unrivaled combination of vapor intrusion delineation tools, sampling equipment, and analytical capabilities that will enable you to meet project and regulatory targets. Our vapor intrusion specialists are ready to help you to develop a site specific and cost effective sampling plan that takes you from site characterization to site closure. 

Contact us to learn more about our vapor intrusion characterization and monitoring services. 

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