SGS Reduced Sample Volume Technology (RSV) Makes Sampling Easier, Faster, Safer and More Cost Effective

RSV-bottlesSGS continues to innovate, providing you the most precise and defensible data with cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions. For routine water, and now soil sampling, our Reduced Sample Volume (RSV) technology helps you meet or even exceed demanding regulatory requirements while minimizing sample volumes collected and transported. RSV procedures are validated and maintain the same reporting limits and compliance as with larger bottles.

Reduce Expenses and Save Time

The Reduced Sample Volume initiative offers many benefits including:

  • Reducing solvents by lowering toxic solvent usage by up to 90% compared to traditional methods
  • Promoting health and safety by minimizing exposure to harmful solvents
  • Saving on transport, handling and disposal by requiring lighter coolers for reduced shipping and fuel costs, using smaller containers and producing less sample waste to dispose, making transport to and from the field easier
  • Needing less sampling time as Reduced Sample Volume technology helps you minimize sampling and process management time
  • Using smaller bottles provides significant time savings in the field, especially when sampling from low-flow wells
  • Improving data quality using the latest cutting-edge equipment and instrumentation, paired with our specialized team of technical analysts, providing operational efficiencies while improving precision and accuracy

Accredited and Permitted

The National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) forms the foundation of our stringent Quality Assurance Programs. This enables SGS to hold multi-state accreditations and certifications that conform to a national standard. SGS has also received Department of Defense Environmental Laboratory Accreditation (DoD ELAP) and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certificate of Accreditation from the certificate of Accreditation from the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) to perform environmental testing in support of environmental restoration programs.

Find a detailed accreditation list here.

Utilizing smaller sample volumes results in approximately 90% less solvent use while maintaining the same reporting and method detection limits that were achieved with the larger volumes. SGS Reduced Sample Volume technology is permitted by regulatory agencies when using SW846 methodologies. Specifically, SGS has adapted the methods listed in the table below:

Summary of Bottleware Changes

Dayton, New Jersey Laboratory




Acid Base Neutrals (Method 8270 Scan and SIM)

1 Liter

250 mL

Pesticides (Method 8081)

1 L or 300 mL

250 mL

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (Method 8082)

1 L or 300 mL

250 mL

Diesel Range Organics (Method 8015 DRO)

1 L or 300 mL

60 mL

Herbicides (Method 8151)

1 L or 300 mL

250 mL

Summary of Bottleware Changes

Scott, LA Laboratory

  Bottle Requirements
NEW! Soil Traditional RSV
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons – GRO/DRO/ORO (Method 8015) * 1x 4oz jar + 3x terracore/encore 3x 60ml vials plus 1x 2oz moisture jar
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons – GRO/DRO/ORO (Method 8015) 3x 40mL vials + 2 x 1 L 3x 60mL amber vials
MADEP Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons 2x 1L 3x 60mL amber vials
Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (Method 8270) 2x 1L 2x 100mL packers
Acid Base Neutrals (Method 8270) 2x 1L 2x 100mL packers

*Pending LA DEQ (LELAP) accreditation

Special Requirements May Require Larger Bottles

When lower than normal detection limits are needed to meet special regulatory requirements, traditional sample volumes may still be needed. Additionally, Reduced Sample Volume is not allowed at this time for 40 CFR 136. Samples for these methods must still be collected in traditional containers. Please discuss regulatory criteria and reporting limit requirements with your SGS representative when ordering bottleware so that the appropriate size containers can be provided.

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