Reports and Deliverables

SGS’s user friendly data reports can be produced in several formats varying in complexity from basic results to fully documented deliverables depending on client needs. Regardless of the report format, all environmental analytical services are performed to meet the quality control specifications of the analytical method and the specified regulatory program. The delivered report can therefore be configured with full confidence that the data is supported by the required quality control practices. These reports are designed for easy interpretation and efficient data validation.

Reports can be produced in hard copy format or as a fully indexed electronic document. SGS specializes in electronic data products, which not only complement the data report, but also provide the client with numerous electronic products and delivery options that simplify data management and review. SGS can produce EDDs in over 1,090 different data formats, including commercial and custom client formats, which are delivered in over 95% of projects. Access to leading edge, interactive online features enables the user to configure data reports that meet data reporting needs, including the ability to automatically receive data upon completion which has been formatted to client specifications. Hardcopy and electronic deliverable options are as follows:

Hard Copy

  • Full Deliverables – Comprehensive, Validation Ready (Level 4)
  • Reduced Deliverables – Summary Data with Quality Control (Level 2 & 3)
  • Standard Commercial Format – Results only (Level 1)
  • State – Specific Formats


  • Commercial Database Import Formats (i.e. EQUIS, GIS/Key, Locus & more)
  • Customized Client Specific Database Import Formats
  • Custom Spreadsheet Reports
  • State Regulatory Required EDD Formats
  • Department of Defense (ADR, SEDD, IRPIMS & others)

Interactive Online Reporting

  • LabLinkSM – SGS Proprietary On-Line Data Management Service
  • e-Hard Copy – Fully Navigable, Indexed, Interactive PDF Report