Monitor air, soil, and water conditions during wildfire recovery with SGS.

Climate change and development near fire-prone areas have created an increase in wildfire prevalence where personal safety, both during and after an event, is paramount. SGS is here to assist in protecting public health as communities recover from wildfire damage. Our wildfire recovery monitoring and analysis services cover testing of air, soil, and water to assure a comprehensive clean up and safe environment in which to return.

Benefits of Using SGS for your wildfire monitoring and recovery testing?

SGS’s Environment, Health and Safety group networks as a team combining expertise from each of our laboratories while still offering a single project management point of contact, report, and invoice.

  • All outlined services are within SGS’s capabilities, no subcontracting
  • Logistics – drop off at any location and we handle the transport within our network
  • All data is available via online portal
  • Dedicated project manager
  • RUSH & weekend capability
  • Courier services available in markets surrounding our network locations
  • USA, Canada, and global locations available

Why SGS?

Our wildfire monitoring and analytical services include:

Personal air monitoring
Including asbestos, silica, heavy metals, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PM 2.5, hydrogen sulfide & carbon monoxide.

Ambient air monitoring
SGS SmartSense, real-time, continuous monitoring sends alerts when contaminants of concern hit pre-determined thresholds. Add on the SmartSampler system to autonomously capture samples for laboratory analysis.

Soil testing
Pre and Post Excavation for a host of contaminants including arsenic, lead, mercury, asbestos, and full waste characterizations when needed.

Water Testing
Private wells in a community for heavy metals and more.

Soot, ash, and char analysis
Determine if conditions allow for safe return into the affected structure or for submission of insurance claims including combustion by-products, particle ID, opaques, full particle ID by PLM, using wipe samples.

PFAS testing
Used in situations where firefighting foam is used, or contamination is assumed.

Indoor air quality analysis
Indoor area sampling for buildings that will be reinhabited including particulates, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, and mold. Samples can be collected with personal sampling pumps with the correct media – which we supply at no cost.  You can also use the SmartSense indoor air monitors.

Specialty Services
Including PCBs, dioxins/furans and more in case of proximity to hazardous waste.

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