Working With SGS

Analytical Services Lab

As a client, you deserve the best service. However, we know that selecting a qualified analytical services lab to perform the analysis of environmental samples can be a daunting and expensive process. The cost of a poor selection can have far reaching impacts on analytical data and remedial costs if the selection process is conducted without regard to the key factors that reflect a solidly performing analytical services lab.

Purchasers of laboratory services should always employ a selection process that incorporates the key elements of laboratory qualification. Typically, much of this process relies upon existing laboratory qualification information that can be obtained from the laboratory without cost. At SGS, we strive to get you the information you need to make this choice easily.

An effective laboratory selection process must be comprehensive and systematic. This assures that the selection is based on essential laboratory performance elements instead of relying on single elements which may be misrepresented or misinterpreted. Once you’ve completed the process, we’re confident that your choice will be SGS for the following additional reasons: To learn more, click one of the topics below:

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